Liverpool supporters react to ITV’s ‘Anne’, the heartbreaking story of the Hillsborough disaster and the 33-year search for justice

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Liverpool, and indeed all of football, supporters have been gripped by ITV’s new four-part documentary ‘Anne’ that has thrust the Hillsborough Stadium disaster back into the limelight.

It followed the story of Anne Williams, mother of 15-year-old Kevin Williams who was one of the 97 people killed in Sheffield Wednesday’s stadium during the 1989 FA Cup semi-final.

After the death of her son, the relentless Formby-born campaigner fought for truth and justice in the name of her son and all the others who passed away on the darkest day in our history.

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Re-living the heartache of the match, the years of battling that followed and the passing of the activist in 2013 were all highly emotive topics for everyone who managed to tune in.

Such was the intensity of feeling that the quartet of episodes provoked, many took to social media to share their thoughts and memories and here’s a selection of them:

It’s impossible to put into words the damning affect the tragedy had on our city and its people, as well as the injustice served upon the supporters by the government, police and the media – that has left a permanent mark.

Without people like the brilliant Anne Williams fighting for what is right, nothing will ever change and we salute her for all her hard work and love.

We also salute the Hillsborough families and all supporters of our club, Everton and every other football fan and non-football person who has helped ensure that this tragedy and injustice is never forgotten and the fight for finding the culprits accountable will never end.

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