Gary Lineker shares five-word verdict on questionable VAR call during Everton v Man City

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Gary Lineker was the latest in a long line of pundits and commentators to question the decision to not award Everton a penalty in their clash with Manchester City.

The Blues were denied a spot-kick despite replays appearing to show midfielder Rodri’s arm striking the ball below the sleeve line.

The 1-0 result to the Cityzens saw the visitors reestablish a six-point lead over title rivals Liverpool, which could prove significant down the line.

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Whilst we can appreciate that on-pitch officials are far from infallible with regard to their decision-making, it’s inexplicable how VAR deemed the evidence on offer as inconclusive at the time.

With things proving to be somewhat close in the title race (not to mention the battle to avoid relegation), we at the Empire of the Kop can only hope such a decision doesn’t prove to be pivotal down the line.

Should we win our next league game in hand, of course, there will be an element of control surrounding our title hopes – particularly with an upcoming clash at the Etihad on the horizon.

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  1. The Everton vs Manchester City match was a cheat. The Blues deserved a penalty after Rodri’s handball and the referee should be sanctioned on that because he saw the handball very clear but decide to overlook it.

    1. Whoever was on the VAR panel last night should be fired instantly, they are a total disgrace and should never be allowed to be on the panel again.
      That was most clearly a penalty and there was no doubt whatsoever.

  2. Shocking decision by the ref who looked right at it,then theres mr useless in the var studio how can you not see the movement of the arm to the ball this one decision could have a huge impact on Everton come the end of the season if they are involved in a relegation battle, the standard of England referees has dropped considerably

  3. The perfomances of PL refs leave much to be desired as if they have been bribed.Affected matches.West ham ve Liverpool where goal was fouled but goal stood.Cresswell not booked whereas deserved a card.Palace vs LFC controversial pernal.Spurs vs LFC where LFC were denied a pernality and Kane not sent off.Man.City given a fake pernality against New Castle.Everton given pernality

  4. Is not the same referee who take Tottenham-Liverpool and denied Jota a penalty?He is City’s twelve man everywhere he is and doing the job for MCFC.He is bought for that. He is the reflect of England referees. Corrupt! Corrupt ! Corrupt! England wants a corrupt PL champion?

  5. I think captain of each team should be able to ask the ref to look at the screen once in each game if feel decision is wrong ,
    Obviously if player correct should be able ask again over another decision ,
    So far we have people getting paid to deal with VAR that are making a nonsense of decisions ,
    Should be that if in game it proven they were wrong should not be able to make decisions in future ,
    They have the technology this is blatant match fixing ,

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