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To any man amongst you who recognises the value of truth,

I write this letter with the utmost rage and regret having read an article published in your newspaper and written by one ‘Mr’ Alex Beam.

I would firstly like to point out to you that we at Liverpool FC have no qualms in accepting constructive criticism if accompanied by indisputable facts. Slurs against my City and my Club will pain me but I will tolerate if only to honour you with the right to an opinion.

But the shameful rewriting of history and the vicious attacks against those who now lay defenceless and unable to defend their honour I will not let pass by.

Your writer tried to besmirch the honour of the 96 fallen souls who were taken from us after committing no crime other than supporting their beloved team. These men, women and children who fell were not violent thugs armed with weapons and with a vendetta to kill! They were armed only with the love of their great club. This tragedy that took them from us, that tore apart so many families, that united a grieving nation – was through no fault of their own.

Reputations can be made and shattered by the words we speak. There were those in the press so many years ago who saw this great tragedy as an opportunity to spread great lies and make great money. They knowingly stabbed again at the broken hearts of a broken nation only to cause further pain and to humiliate those not deserving of humiliation.

Yes, we campaigned then against these spreaders of lies and we campaign again today. For though those 96 souls have gone it is our duty to bring justice and ensure their names are never forgotten.

We are a peaceful people but we exercise our right to campaign against those whose only aim it is to tarnish the memories of our fallen. For this reason, I write this peaceful message to you urging you to take action against your journalist who knowingly stood ready to add to the years of pain and tears by penning his brand of twisted ‘truth’. 

Know this; at Liverpool FC we are one body, one soul. As you can see, if you hurt us we rise from every corner of the world to defend what we know to be true. 

So I implore of you that you learn from the examples of those before you who dared try to point their withered fingers of blame at our innocent fallen souls – before your own reputation is tarnished forever.

Yours honestly.

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  1. right i have been string on this all day. Hillsborough happend on my birthday i just turned 14 and was the biggest time of my life. i remember going around anfield straight after all the scarf’s all around the park was unreal. my heart was broken and still is to this day!
    For someone to put such a thing in the news is very disrespectful to all Liverpool fans, Why not check your information first please before you go too far. because you will see trouble!!
    i am not a trouble maker and will never be, so for you to say we are is degrading. this is a bad time in our lives and very hurtful…
    Liverpool F C is my life and always will be, you have just made me feel sick with your comment, you dont know anything about our club, and you never will do you spiteful shit!!

    dont ever cross us again!!!

    yours Chris


    please reply

  2. Liverpool FC is a club that holds its history close to its heart, and will forever honor the 96 fallen!

    Your callous disregard for facts and feelings shows that you are not worth the paper your appalling article is written on!

    You obviously don’t have a clue about our club, city or culture, so keep your lousy two bit opinion to yourself!

    We will forever boycott the sun, as they are just like you, a paper that is more interested in shock tactics and selling papers than truth and respectability. You and your paper should be ashamed of yourselves, but you won’t be, as you are exactly what is wrong with society today!

    Families were affected; our Captain lost his cousin, Jon-Paul Gilhooley a ten year old boy! How dare you make light of this tragedy, and print lies!! 21 years has passed, and it is still very much in all of our minds! LFC will never forget!!

    Next time you have not done your job, and you are looking for a story to do without investigating the facts, rather write about gossip around Hollywood, as you clearly aren’t equipped enough to write honest, and meaningful articles!!

    I hope your next shite’s a hedgehog!

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