VIDEO : Here’s the Truth, where’s the Justice

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Thanks to @RytzLFC for sending over this great video.

Here’s the truth, where’s the Justice, is a short film about how the Hillsborough football disaster on April 15th 1989 links two people together. Anne Williams and John Herbert.

Made by M3D 3rd year Media group:
Terry Rytz
Jennifer Robinson
Annemarie Mcalister
Declan Mcgettigan

If you cant hear it then go here for a vid with higher audio levels


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  1. Brings tears to your eyes,so many years,so many lies.the 96 and their families deserve justice.Its far too late for apologises but its time someone had the balls to stand up and admit the truth.justice for the 96……YNWA

  2. Thank you to Terry Rytz and his fellow workers who worked on this film. John Herbert and Anne Williams what can I say, your always in my prayers, myself along with Tarnya Highton are extremely proud to have been involved and much respect always to HFSG Margaret Aspinall and Anne and her group Hope for Hillsborough along for never giving up the fight, whilst there is still breath in me the fight shall still go on –

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