(Video) “Surely that’s not what VAR is meant to do is it?” – Roy Hodgson not happy with the decision for Liverpool to be awarded a pen

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Fabinho calmly dispatched a penalty that put the game out of reach of Watford but Roy Hodgson was not happy with the decision that led to the spot-kick being awarded.

Speaking with BBC Sport after the game, the 74-year-old said: “I’m still annoyed about that penalty really because it’s a penalty where there’s no appeal from the Liverpool player, neither Jurgen or I see anything untoward that’s gone on in the situation.

“All of a sudden, the game’s stopped and we hear there’s a VAR check and we’re all looking at each other saying ‘What do you mean there’s a VAR check? What are they checking?’.

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“Surely that’s not what VAR is meant to do is it? It leaves a little bit of a bitter-taste to be honest because we were 1-0 down and we only had a slim chance I suppose…

“But to lose the game 2-0 does leave a bitter-taste in my mouth”.

Quite how awarding a penalty when the referee missed the initial decision is against what our former managed thinks VAR is for, is quite confusing.

Sometimes so much happens in the box that it can be missed by most but the chance to watch the incident back did clearly show that Diogo Jota was wrestled to the floor.

If no one appeals, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s not a foul.

You can watch the full interview with Hodgson via BBC Sport.

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