(Video) “Forget the fatigue” – Luis Diaz on Liverpool having no time to rest as they continue to pursue three more trophies

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Luis Diaz was a key reason why Liverpool got back into the game against Villarreal and his performance was rewarded with the man of the match trophy.

Speaking with the Spanish media after the game, the 25-year-old was asked about his tenacious attitude and said (as translated by Reddit user SMF_Fede): ‘That’s part of my game, each match for me is like a new rematch, you’ll have to be hungry and look for more.

‘I know what it takes and I will have to seize every opportunity, every minute that that the coaching staff gives me because that’s my role, to help the team, that makes me feel better.

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The Colombian was then asked about the lack of time off for him and his teammates: ‘To be able to rest will be very important for what’s ahead, when any team reaches this kind of instances, you forget the fatigue, you have to run, fight to win the title, and that’s what we are going to do.

It’s great to hear from our newest signing at length, something that hasn’t been possible because of the language barrier so far.

Our No.23 was incredible in Spain and he’s making it very hard for Jurgen Klopp to ever leave him on the bench again.

You can watch the Diaz interview via Football 360 on YouTube and Reddit user u/Takusman:

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