Jurgen Klopp’s reaction to Caicedo snub as Liverpool now in limbo – report

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It started off as a fine Friday morning but soon developed into one of the most bizarre twists in a transfer saga and now Jurgen Klopp is still no closer to knowing where Moises Caicedo will be playing his football next season.

As reported by David Maddock for The Mirror: ‘On a day of high drama as the Merseyside club had a British record transfer fee of £110m accepted by Brighton for the 21-year-old, some murky behind-the-scenes manoeuvres left Reds boss Jurgen Klopp feeling bitterly disappointed…and frustrated’.

It’s quite an understandable reaction from our manager, especially after he faced the media and confirmed the club’s interest in a player that has now seemingly snubbed us.

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It was very out of character for the German to discuss a player that had not yet officially become a Red and perhaps this will ensure that he doesn’t do anything similar again in the future.

We now stand in a position where our record-breaking offer remains the only accepted bid from Brighton and yet we still don’t appear any closer to seeing Moises Caicedo heading to Merseyside.

It seems like a game of poker from us to either ensure that Chelsea have to at least match our bid for the midfielder, or wait for them to pull out and leave the Ecuadorian with no option but to head to Anfield.

Whether we should be pushing for a player that clearly wants another club, is a whole different matter but with him being the best option on the market – perhaps we should wait and see what happens.

It’s certainly a tale that hasn’t yet met its conclusion but for the meantime, you can understand why our boss is so disgruntled.

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  1. Even if Caecido decides it was all a mistake and Ferry cross the Mersey is his favourite song and he’s supported Liverpool since a boy. He’s tainted ! Didn’t want us, prefers Soho to Sefton Park and the fans will not take to him. What a poisoned atmosphere this weekend game will be.

  2. Walk away now and let Chelsea blow their money. Plenty of quality DM’s around so let’s not get too hung up on a guy who doesn’t want to play for #Lfc.

    1. nobody like to play for an average team like Liverpool. but, the main reason is cheapy dementia owners who DON’T care about trophies, no ambitions.

  3. I believe this bid is enough for Madrid to release valvade. Can’t we try this maybe it can work out

  4. The guy has principles, he made an oath to Chelsea but now he finds that he’s alone at the alter. What to do? Hell hath no fury….etc

  5. Dig in and make Chelsea spend a fortune on him or if they pull out, wait until the last minute and pull out too leaving him at Brighton where his manager has already forgotten him!!

  6. Refusing to play for LFC … what an attitude!!!!.
    A total disrespect to this legendary club. He don’t deserve Lfc.

  7. Klopp, bitterly disappointed, frustrated, and inching closer to walking away from Liverpool football club.
    It’s coming.
    In the 50 years as a fan ive never seen such a complete shambles in trying to sign players.

    We nearly signed Bellingham, nearly signed caicedo, put four bids in for romeo Lavia, and still failed.

    Why klopp was allowed to do a press conference Bragging about a record transfer fee agreed, without being certain that caicedo would actually sign is further poof that charlatan owners FSG shouldn’t be running our club.

    Chelsea have persistently chased caicedo, it’s why he wants to join Chelsea. They actually want him.

    Liverpool don’t have a transfer policy, and we have a part time German director of football that has no say.
    Even the biggest FSG fan must admit that this is not the way to run one of the biggest clubs in the world.
    With a top class manager.

    Romeo lavia now joins Chelsea, leaves Liverpool fans with no confidence whatsoever of who we go after next. It’s pathetic.

    You can’t blame klopp for wanting out. Charlatan owners FSG are proving they are the worst of all the American owners.
    Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, back their manager to the hilt. FSG don’t have clue.

    1. Who said Klopp wants out!? Where did you hear him confirm a signing!? What an idiot you are. I suggest you go and listen to the press conference again, I’m just glad he doesn’t pay any attention to exaggerating rats like you

      1. Can you tell us why we are not in champions league ? Who is to be blamed if not FSG for lack of investment

  8. What about bringing in players from the academy? That should be the first place to look for talent. The cost to buy talent is more then the confirmed price. You just gave up on the academy players which has a huge investment that will never be realized. Let’s factor in all the academy player costs who quit, forced to quit or sign with other clubs. I blame the academy and player scouts for the mess LFC are in.

  9. Shambles. Why didn’t Liverpool do their homework before bidding for a player who doesn’t want to sign for us.

    1. Good point but he’s hardly going to speak the truth that early on, as it would spoil his game plan of getting the bidding up as high as it goes.

  10. Totally agree Klopp never once said Caicedo was signing,he said the clubs had agreed a fee,but he didn’t know about the player,some people hear what they want, not what was actually said.

  11. There are 2 parts to this contract and both have to be fulfilled for the contract to be effective. 1st part buying club and selling club have to agree a fee. 2nd part buying club and player agree on personal terms. It seems both Chelsea and Liverpool have got one part completed. It is still game on to complete the second part. Caicedo can at the end be a Liverpool player even if he has given his word to Chelsea and he will not be unprofessional. Owen grew up as an Everton fan and yet became a Liverpool legend, so why not Caicedo! YWNWA

  12. Why go for a player whose heart is not in the right place? It will be a waste of money.Anand Jayrajh

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