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Rumour: Emre Can a target for Liverpool FC (@BeastTimeVIP)

It’s that time of the year again… silly season.

Many players have been linked to Liverpool and I found this one very interesting as he is versatile in position’s anyway in the video below you’ll find details about who Emre Can is and also find out a little something about his contract at Leverkusen.


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Shamrock Rovers 0 – Liverpool 4 (Goal Videos by @MostarLFC)

#LFC beat Shamrock Rovers 4-0 in a post-season friendly in Dublin this afternoon.

Aspas made it 1-0

IA by LFCmostar

Borini made it 2-0

FB by LFCmostar

Martin Kelly made it 3-0

MK by LFCmostar

Jack Dunn made it 4-0

MK by LFCmostar

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Time To Relax

Time To Relax


So the Premiership season is finished with Manchester City crowned as Premiership Champions, Manuel Pellegrini’s men beat West Ham 2-0 to seal their second title win in three years. Liverpool also won by beating Newcastle 2-1 at Anfield.


As a Liverpool supporter I have to congratulate Manchester City on their title triumph, because the best team wins the league and they have proved that over the 38 game season.


But what a season Liverpool have had, Brendan Rodgers and his men has given us, the supporters a thrilling ride. Right from the very first game of the season the excitement started with Simon Mignolet saving a late penalty in his first game for the Reds to secure the first win of the season.


The results remained positive throughout the season with some of the most exciting football witnessed at Anfield for many years that resulted in plenty of goals.


Some of the outstanding performances highlighting this tremendous season were, the 5-0 away win at Spurs, the 4-0 win over Everton, the 5-1 win over Arsenal, the 3-0 win over Manchester United at Old Trafford and the 3-2 win over Manchester City a few weeks ago that had us all believing that we could win the title.


Some time ago I thought we would have to win the last 14 games to win the league after our 5-1 thrashing of Arsenal and we just fell short at the final hurdle as Chelsea scuppered our hopes but what a fantastic run it has been.


I’m just relieved that the season is over now and I can finally relax because the last three months have been the most stressful I’ve ever felt watching football.

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Everybody Breathe… It’s Over

It would have taken a miracle of Istanbul-like standards for us to win the league on Sunday. Some people had hope, others said it was over. But everybody got behind the team. Liverpool did us proud, and I like to think that in recent weeks, we’ve done them proud as well.

Somebody recently said to me that it’s only since the title became a realistic target for Liverpool that we’ve upped our support, parading in the streets and creating incredible atmospheres in games. My response was to shrug and say ‘You’re right.’ But really, what better way to support the team? It’s not like the stadium was silent and half empty earlier in the season, but the team started to show us what they were capable of, and the excitement spread. If anything, we have given them a taste of what to expect next season if we can go all the way, and we’ve motivated them further to achieve that and experience the reception we would give them.

I can’t lie; the end of this season has taken a lot out of me. Which is a strange reaction to have to watching a few football games. But emotionally and even physically I’ve been left feeling drained. The last few years of being a Liverpool supporter offered precious few of these tense, exhilarating experiences, and so I was completely unprepared for what the end to this season had in store. My head was a mess, torn between disbelief that a team could go from seventh to first in one season, and yet watching us play and seeing the best football in the country and a team genuinely capable of finishing top.

My head was saying one thing, and my heart another. One day, I was avoiding everything to do with football, the next I was studying our fixtures, Man City’s fixtures, or Chelsea’s fixtures, working out who would drop points where, or studying the form of other teams and players and wondering who could do us a favour or who might spoil our party.

Even on Sunday, with only the slightest flicker of hope that we still could finish as league winners, I couldn’t relax. I tried to force myself to believe that the league was as good as over, and I could just enjoy our last game of the season in peace. But something inside me was screaming out that it wasn’t completely ludicrous to think that West Ham could beat Man City.

But again, another side of me also piped up, and countered it with the terrifying scenarios that could await me. After disappointing results against Chelsea and Crystal Palace, it already felt like the league had been snatched away from us once. So the thought of West Ham taking a lead at the Etihad, and us beating Newcastle, could have led to a heart breaking moment where Aguero popped up with another last minute goal to steal the title. And I don’t know if I could have handled it panning out like that. I don’t think even my imagination could get close to how gut wrenching that would have been.

As it happened, for a final day of the season where we lost the league, it probably went as well as I could have hoped. Going behind to Newcastle meant that there wasn’t a point where my mind started to develop any false hope, and Man City played through a fairly comfortable victory over West Ham. So coming from behind to beat Newcastle at least meant we went out on a high without having to endure any last minute nerves.

I let out a huge sigh the second the final whistle went. I can’t say it was a sigh of relief, as there was certainly a sense of disappointment mixed in as well. But for better or worse it was over, and my body and mind could take a break. And my genuine belief is that this Liverpool team has more room for improvement than either Man City or Chelsea do, and considering that we just finished second, only two points off top spot, I’d say we are certainly in for an exciting 2014-15 season.

Finally, I would like to offer my congratulations to Manchester City. Even in years where we aren’t involved in the title race, it can be hard to applaud the eventual winners in a league so often dominated by filthy rich teams or clubs bordering on corrupt. But Man City have had a brilliant season, led by a fantastic and professional manager and a team mostly full of players who I have a lot of respect for. In the long run, they probably were always the favourites to win the title, but the pressure didn’t get to them I hope they enjoy their victory. But Liverpool will be back next season, and mark my words, we will be even better.

By James Nelson (@_James_Nelson_)

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Adam Lallana linked to Liverpool FC #LallanaLFC (@BeastTimeVIP)

So the summer rumours have begun and there’s alot of talk about Adam Lallana and Liverpool FC, Here is a video explaining more about Adam Lallana’s season and remember this is only a rumour and nothing is official.

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They made us dream

At the start of the season, for many Liverpool fans, the dream was to see our team get back in the Champions League. To see the great European nights return to Anfield.

The thought of another season without Champions League football was catastrophic.

It meant another summer struggling to sign top class players.

Another summer struggling to keep hold of our players.

Another season with one less trophy to win.

Another season of the club earning less money than other clubs at the top of the Premier League.

Falling further and further behind.

But for anyone who was worried at the start of the season, there really was no need.

Despite being in the most competitive league in the world, the team made light work of finishing in the top 4.

Even though they started the season without star player Luis Suarez, three one nil wins set the club on its way.

Over the coming months, us supporters started to get a feeling that this could be a special season.

Games were being won with the attacking football we Scousers have literally called out for.

We could no longer be accused of being a one-man team.

Yes Suarez was back.

And yes he was prolific.

But so was Danny Sturridge.

Sterling was looking like the player we hoped he would be when he burst onto the scene.

Gerrard was still pulling the strings.

And Henderson was finally living up to the potential that saw the club splash the cash on him.

So we started to dream.

Not of reaching the top four, but so much more.

Suddenly it was the New Year and we stopped dreaming.

We started believing.

Believing that our long wait for the title was finally over.

Then it was the last day of the season and we still had a chance.

We still had hope.

Unfortunately we just fell short of what would probably have been our greatest win ever.

But as disappointed as we are, we should be proud.

Proud of the manager for taking a small, youthful squad and turning them into a tight-knit team that genuinely challenged for the title.

Proud of the players for giving their all and coming so very close.

And proud of the fans for once again letting the team know how much this means to us.

The scenes in the final weeks when the coach arrived at Anfield were more amazing than Manchester City’s title parade.

Liverpool are setting the standard on and off the field.

So thank you Liverpool for a great season.

For making us dream.

And then making us believe.

We can’t wait to go again.